Auto-generate and manage bookmarks in PDFs.

Annoyed of scrolling through PDF files searching for specific sections? With PDFBookmarks you can automatically create bookmarks for all headlines in your PDF!
These bookmarks are natively supported by the PDF standard and will work in any ordinary PDF-reader: whether it's on your iPad, iPhone, an Android-device or a simple PDF-viewer on your Mac or PC.
  • textGenerate table of contents:
    PDFBookmarks generates bookmark-entries by scanning the text in the PDF. It lets you generate a complete and fully-functional table of contents within minutes!
  • textGenerate table of contents:
    Toggle display of auto-generated entries by their font size
  • textChange destination of bookmarks
    Change destination of bookmarks using drag & drop or by specifying the page number.
  • textRearrange bookmarks
    Rearrange bookmarks in the table of contents using drag & drop.
  • textManual edit:
    Manually add, remove or rename toc-entries. Also works with toc-entries already existing in your PDF!


» Scan PDF for Headlines
Scan the text of your PDF for headlines and add them automatically to the bookmarks.
» Filter by font-size
Adjust your auto-generated bookmarks table and hide headlines by their font size.
» Add, remove, rename
Manually edit your bookmarks: you can add new bookmarks and rename or delete existing ones.
» Change bookmark destinations
Use drag & drop to change the destination of a bookmark or change the page number manually.
» Rearrange bookmarks
Use drag+drop to rearrange your bookmarks.